ZERO APPAREL was established in 2019 and cofounded by Clifford Baltazar, Thien Luong and Michael Winzargland.


Whats your lowest point in life?

Here at Zero Apparel,

We #defytheodds

We aim to one day represent the many hardships we face to find our own versions of success.

Life is never going to be smooth sailing and anyone else who argues otherwise must be insanely lucky or just insane.

In the end, we all want the same end goal; happiness.

Happiness can come from a number of things such as friends, family, self-confidence, wealth or whatever it is that you desire.

We hope that whatever it is for you, you’re taking active steps to getting closer to that goal.

The inspiration behind ZERO is that at one point in our lives we all felt that we hit rock bottom,

We felt defeated,

We felt like we were the number ZERO...

Because we had absolutely nothing.

But the greatest thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is no way left to go but up...

And that is what ZERO Apparel represents.

If you can resonate with this journey,

If you've lived through the struggle,

If you're still powering through the tough times,

Please support us by following our Instagram and Facebook page @z3roapparel

We want to represent you

And we hope to spread our message and mission across the world one day.

We are, Zero Apparel.